Oct 23 2008
Kodiak Projects In Statewide Transportation Ballot Measure
Thursday, 23 October 2008

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           With Kodiak voters facing choices on the November 4th ballot ranging from who will represent us in the state house to who will be president, a statewide transportation bond is getting lost in the shuffle.


            Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens, who is not seeking re-election this year, urged Kodiak Island residents to consider voting for the bond:


--          (Bond 1                       33 sec              "We worked hard to get ... to vote yes on it.")


            Those projects are spread out between the greater Kodiak city area, and two villages:


--          (Bond 2                       23 sec              "The borough has a ... tax or anything like that.")


            He emphasized the difference between the state bond and the failed borough bond for a new Kodiak High School. While the school bond would have been paid off by residents through property tax increases, the state bond would be paid off with state money already set aside by the legislature:


--          (Bond 3                       16 sec              "We have a very good bond ... good, easy way to do it.")


            The 315-million dollar bond will be on everybody's ballot November 4th, and must be approved by a majority of voters statewide.