Nov 14 2013
Life-Changing Friendship Grows For Two Kodiak 'Kids' 40 Years After High School
Thursday, 14 November 2013

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Su Coe, left at KMXT in the 1970s, and a more recent photo of Alice Anderson-Soto, right. They were less than friends at Kodiak High School, but have become close all these years later. Photos provided 


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            Su Coe and Alice Anderson Soto were classmates at Kodiak High School in the mid 1970s. But they were far from friends. Years after the two left Kodiak, they reconnected and put aside their past differences. In 2009, Soto was diagnosed with kidney failure, and Coe took it upon herself to find an organ donor. They’re still looking, but more than that, they want to spread awareness about the need for organ donors. Despite their turbulent teenage years, the two women said their Kodiak connection is what united them under the same cause later in life.
    Soto is currently undergoing three hours of dialysis three times a week at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Coe was turned down as a potential donor because of her own medical past. The Facebook page, Fishing for a Kidney for Alice Anderson Soto, posts regular updates on Soto’s condition, and informational links about organ donation.


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