Oct 03 2013
Troopers Searching for Flaming Car Owner
Thursday, 03 October 2013

burnt-car-over-helipad-clif.jpgJay Barrett/KMXT
    Alaska State Troopers are looking for some help in finding the owner of a car that was apparently set on fire and rolled off a cliff onto the beach near the Helipad on Spruce Cape Road. The fire was reported early last Wednesday morning. Troopers determined the vehicle was unoccupied.
    Troopers say the car was burned to such an extent that identifying its make and model has been difficult. In photographs, the car appears to be a midsize four-door. After the flames were extinguished the Troopers discovered that the VIN, or vehicle identification number, had been removed, as were the license plates, further hindering identification of its owner.
    The Troopers are continuing to investigate the incident and are urging anyone with information to give them or Crime Stoppers a call.