Oct 16 2008
Kodiak Gets Ready For Primitive Weapons Hunt
Thursday, 16 October 2008

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          Kodiak’s popular road system deer hunt comes to a close at the end of the month. But those hunters who use primitive weapons will have an extra two weeks to take a deer. KMXT’s Casey Kelly has more.

Hank Pennington is the Outdoor Kodiak columnist for the Kodiak Daily Mirror. He says the primitive weapon deer season is for those who use bows and arrows, or Pennington’s preferred weapon, the muzzleloader.

(Pennington 1                                    :44s                 “…you get more primitive than that.”)

Pennington says it’s his favorite hunt on Kodiak, but it’s not for everyone. Over the last two years he’s encountered less than 20 people who’ve participated in the primitive weapon hunt.

(Pennington 2                                    :25s                 “…restricted to 20 or 30 yard shots.”)

Another obstacle facing hunters is that they have to take a special class from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in order to participate in the hunt. John Crye is a wildlife biologist with fish and game, who teaches both classes.

(Crye 1                                  :43s                 “…and it’s a lot of fun.”)

The classes are 20 dollars each. Crye says there’s an online version of the archery class, but you have to take the muzzleloader class in person. He says primitive weapon hunts are getting more popular because they’re more sporting and because they provide hunters with added opportunities.

(Crye 2                                  :33s                 “…a lot of interest in these classes.”)

Pennington says he likes hunting with muzzleloaders, because it gives him something to do during the off-season.

(Pennington 3                                    :27s                 “…the making of everything myself.”)

Kodiak’s primitive weapon deer season opens November 1st and runs through the 14th. ADF & G’s muzzleloader class is October 24th and 25th. As Crye said there are only a few spots left, but he’s planning to offer another one in the spring.

I’m Casey Kelly.