Aug 26 2013
ADFG Wants You Aware of Waterfowl Regs Error
Monday, 26 August 2013

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    We’re still more than a month away from the waterfowl hunting season around Kodiak Island, but Fish and Game wants to make sure hunters are aware of an error in the 2013-2014 regulation summary booklet for Game Management Unit 8.
    The booklet incorrectly reads that the possession limit for dark geese have increased to three times the daily bag limit, except for Dusky Canada geese. That is incorrect. It should read “except for ALL Canada geese.” Canada geese possession limits remain at two times the daily bag limit.
    That correction is for both Game Management Unit 6 and GMU 8, the Kodiak area.
    Other corrections for GMU 6 and GMU 5 also deal with daily bag limits.
    The version online have been corrected, and you can see them here.
    And while geese possession limits have changed for many species, the sea duck possession limit has not changed, and remains two times the daily bag limit. Non-resident hunters may take no more than 20 birds.
    Protected species, such as emperor gees, spectacled eiders and Steller’s eider remain off limits to hunting.