Aug 23 2013
Pink Run May Be Showing Signs of Slowing
Friday, 23 August 2013

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    The Kodiak salmon season is showing signs of slowing down. Daily harvest counts declined every day this week, though are still in the high-six digits.
    Sunday saw over 1-million pink salmon caught, just the latest in a couple weeks of million-fish days. The catch dipped by about 40,000 on Monday to 962,500, and on Tuesday to 951,000. Wednesday’s harvest was 861,700, followed by a haul of 763,145 yesterday (Thursday)
    Still, plenty of pink salmon have been caught. The humpy harvest through Thursday was 24,121,358, far exceeding the pre-season forecast of 17-million.
    Adding 2.3-million sockeye, three-quarters of a million chum, 113,000 silvers and 34,000 king salmon, the all-species catch so far was 27,333,032 through Thursday.