Aug 19 2013
Kodiak Humpy Catch Blows Past Preseason Forecast
Monday, 19 August 2013

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    Another strong week of fishing has pushed the Kodiak area pink salmon harvest well past the preseason forecast of 17-million. With catches averaging a million a day for much of the past week, the total humpy harvest through Saturday is 19,526,179.
    Sockeye continue to be netted in the tens of thousands each day, with the season catch now above 2.25-million.
    Chum salmon are running strong as well, with the catch going over 710,000 on Saturday. Over 85,000 slivers have been caught as well as nearly 34,000 king salmon.
    Fish and Game usually updates its in-season harvest figures by midmorning, so we’ll have Sunday’s catch for you during our noon news.