Jul 29 2013
Old Harbor Bear Cubs Still MIA
Monday, 29 July 2013

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    The four bear cub siblings in Old Harbor that were orphaned when their mother had to be put down as a nuisance dump bear, haven’t been seen in a week.
    Fish and Game Regional Wildlife Supervisor Larry Van Daele, who had organized a rescue mission for the quadruplets, says they haven’t been spotted since last Tuesday. That was the day before he and others went to the village to try and trap them. A bear research park in Sweden said it would take the cubs, and Shell Oil said it would fund their transport.
    Van Daele said in an e-mail Monday afternoon that a couple of adult boars were seen in the vicinity of the Old Harbor landfill, where the cubs were spending much of their time, and there is a good chance one of them was responsible for either scaring the cubs away or killing them.
    He said villagers are continuing to keep an eye out for the cubs, but there have been no reports of sightings.