Jul 23 2013
Humpies Overtake Reds in Kodiak Salmon Harvest
Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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    Kodiak’s pink salmon have started exerting their numerical dominance in fisheries around the islands. With a catch Monday of 311,627, the season haul exceeded the sockeye harvest. About 1.85-million red salmon have been taken by Kodiak’s fleet, with the humpy harvest at 2.1-million.
    The reds are still running pretty strong, with a catch of almost 20,000 yesterday. Just over 10,000 chum were netted, along with 1,359 coho and 683 kings. Season totals show more than 29,000 kings, 20,000 coho and 440,000 chum salmon have been harvested so far.
    Three areas are leading the way for pink catches: Cape Alitak and Humpy-Deadman at 692,000, Karluk, NW Kodiak and SW Afognak at 622,600, and East and Northeast Kodiak at 471,563.