Oct 13 2008
Sustainable Kodiak Starts Meeting Again
Monday, 13 October 2008

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0             The first Sustainable Kodiak meeting since before summer will be held tonight at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center downtown. KMXT’s Casey Kelly has more.

            Sustainable Kodiak is an ad hoc group of Kodiak residents, who meet periodically to discuss their concerns about topics ranging from the environment to recycling to gardening. Founding member Donna Jones says although the group didn’t meet over the summer, members have been keeping busy.

            (Sustain Kodiak 1                              :36s                 “…been doing things like that.”)

            Now that winter is coming, Jones says the group is planning to meet at least once a month. Besides tonight’s meeting, Sustainable Kodiak get-togethers are scheduled for Monday November 10th and December 8th. Jones says they might schedule more meetings if members are interested.

            (Sustain Kodiak 2                              :08s                 “…we don’t over organize.”)

            Tonight’s meeting will feature guest speaker Hunter Roesler (Race-ler), whose new business, Second Hand Kodiak, features used building materials.

            (Sustain Kodiak 3                              :12s                 “…much no home for ‘em.”)

The way Second Hand Kodiak works is that people donate things that they’re no longer using to Roesler, and he sells them to people who can use them.

            (Sustain Kodiak 4                              :17s                 “…are still really nice.”)

            Jones says the business is a great idea, and one that fits perfectly with the mission of Sustainable Kodiak.

            (Sustain Kodiak 5                              :17s                 “…way to get about this.”)

In fact, Roesler got the idea for Second Hand Kodiak after talking to Threshold Recycling’s Rick Pillans about the shrinking space in Kodiak’s landfill. Right now his shop is in a small space on Selig Street, in the same building as Kodiak Taxidermy. He’d like to expand one day, but for now he’s just concentrating on getting off the ground.

(Sustain Kodiak 6                              :18s                 “…from going to the landfill.”)

Roesler will speak at the Sustainable Kodiak meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the wildlife refuge visitor’s center. The group will also be discussing some of the activities that members took part in over the summer.

I’m Casey Kelly.