Jul 01 2013
Kodiak Sockeye Catch Exceeds 1-Million
Monday, 01 July 2013

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    The Kodiak Managenment Area sockeye salmon harvest jumped the million-fish mark Saturday, with a catch of 28,723. The sockeye total is now 1,020,655. Total salmon harvest area-wide is about 1.19-million, which includes about 124,000 chum, 32,000 pinks and just over 11,000 kings.
    The Kodiak Westside areas of Karluk, Northwest Kodiak and Southwest Afognak accounts for about half the sockeye total, with Cape Igvak and Wide Bay about a third.
    Meanwhile, the Karluk escapement continues to run stronger than all but one year in the last eight, with 215,160 crossing the weir through Saturday. The Ayakulik is slightly a head of the past four years with 165,274 sockeye escapement.