Apr 29 2013
Library Drops Old Name at New Location
Monday, 29 April 2013


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            When the library moves into its new building on borough hill, much of its collection will go with it. However, one thing will be left behind – its name. Thursday night the Kodiak City Council unanimously voted in favor of renaming the A. Holmes Johnson Memorial Library the Kodiak Public Library once it moves into the new facility.

            For about 45 years the library’s name has memorialized a local physician and outspoken advocate of public libraries. Kaia Converse is the chairman of the Kodiak Public Library Association and said the dropping of the memorial title does not mean the contributions of that individual will be forgotten

--          (Library Name 1                    :03                   “I did want to let you know that KPLA has been working with Dr. Bob and Marion Johnson to develop a historical exhibit for the new library that will honor A. Holmes and Frosty Johnson and the Johnson family’s contribution to the libraries of Kodiak, as well as highlight the history of libraries in Kodiak. This exhibit will also incorporate the existing plaques at the current library.”)


            City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski said the push to rename the library was actually citizen-driven, and she feels comfortable with the name change.


--          (Library Name 2                    :20                   “This was a grassroots, it was generated by the community came forward. It was approved by the family, the Johnson family. And the process I do believe reflects the intent of the city’s naming policy and it is certainly the city’s intent to very respectfully honor the Johnson family and the things they have done for this new library.”)


            The newly named Kodiak Public Library is set to open its doors sometime this fall.