Apr 17 2013
Kodiak Shipyard Rates Increasing
Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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    Fishermen needing their boats taken out of the water for work at the still-young and growing City of Kodiak Shipyard on Near Island will be paying higher fees – but not nearly as high as they could have been.
    The Kodiak Ports and Harbors Committee had suggested boosting the fees 60-percent, according to City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski.
    “Their first proposal was the first year a 40 percent increase and a second year a 20 percent increase and miscellaneous increases," she said. "And they reconsidered and came back and recommended a 20 percent increase each year for three years and miscellaneous increases.”
    But after discussion with the council, the increase was lowered substantially.
    “Based on the discussion at that meeting the re3solution itself that’s now in public hearing reflects the city council’s intent and preference which was one 20 percent increase to the lift and lay days, and miscellaneous fee increases if they could understand some of the rational behind what was being recommended.”
    The council held a public hearing on the increase, but there was no comment. Neither was there discussion or debate among the councilmembers before they unanimously passed the one-year, 20-percent increase.