Apr 10 2013
Energy Audits Coming to Fishing Fleet
Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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    You know those energy audits you can get for your home, where heat loss and fuel efficiency are all measured and charted to see where you might save money on utilities? Well soon, you might be able to get one for your fishing boat.
    The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation is gearing up a pilot study of fishing vessel energy audits, and, according to Julie Decker in Wrangell, they’re looking for some volunteer boats.

-- (Audit 1        37 sec        “We hope to also … energy use they see.”)

    She says that according to other examples of vessel energy audits and management plans, fishing vessels could reduce energy use by 15-to-40 percent through improved efficiency.

-- (Audit 2        35 sec        “It really could help folks … lowest cost items first.”)

    She said the auditors will need a range of information from the boat owner:

-- (Audit 3        29 sec        “They’ll need information about … a bit of information.”)

    Decker said the pilot project will be limited to vessels between 30 and 125 feet, but hopes to have them spread out across coastal Alaska:

-- (Audit 4        42 sec        “You know the logistics are … several different ports.”)

    The AFDF currently has a request for proposals out for auditing companies, and is currently lining up fishermen to participate.