Mar 13 2013
Begich Introduces Seafood Protection Bill
Wednesday, 13 March 2013

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    This week Alaska Senator Mark Begich introduced a bill that seeks to stem the tide of mislabeled seafood in the American marketplace. He says such actions hurts Alaska fishermen and cheats consumers.
    He said his bill gives government agencies, such as NOAA Fisheries and the FDA better tools to deal with the huge pirate fishing industry.

   Begich says Alaska has the right procedures in place to assure consumers that they are getting what they paid for, but he wants to shut down pirates passing off farmed salmon and Russian crab as being from Alaska.

    Begich’s bill is modeled after legislation Rep. Ed Markey of Massachusetts introduced last week in the House of Representatives.
    Begich said he is also working on a national seafood marketing plan, and hopes to introduce that legislation soon.
    During his conversation this week with KMXT, Senator Begich also talked about weather satellite coverage for Alaska, which may be reduced, as well as revamped foreign summer worker legislation for Alaska canneries. We'll have those stories in coming days.