Mar 05 2013
City, Borough Standardize Building Codes
Tuesday, 05 March 2013

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     On Thursday night the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will have before it a measure that would bring the borough in line with state building codes. It’ll be identical to the ordinance passed last week by the Kodiak City Council in order to standardize the codes across the island.
    Kodiak City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski explained the need for the changes:


-- (Building Codes 1        27 sec        “The state adopted the building … standards and so forth.”)

    Since there are existing standards nationwide, called “the Uniform Building Code,” the city simply adopted each in their entirety.

-- (Building Code 2        42 sec        “Just briefly, the committee … hearing and second reading.”)

    There was no public testimony regarding the building code change, and the council passed the ordinance unanimously without discussion.
    The borough assembly will take up the ordinance this Thursday at its regular meeting, and will also hold a public hearing on it.