Sep 22 2008
This Is Adult Day Program Week
Monday, 22 September 2008

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            This is adult day program week and Marita Kaplan came into our studios to tell us more about the program and what it offers. Mary Donaldson has more.





The Director of the Adult Day program in Kodiak, Marita Kaplan, says the program is very valuable to families living with elders, or for senior citizens looking to interact with others. She wants to remove any misconceptions about the program.

            (Kaplan 1                   :35s            "...physically and mentally.")

            She says the Adult Day Program is run by the Senior Citizens of Kodiak. It allows working families to go about their normal work day, while knowing their family member is in a safe environment during the day.

            (Kaplan 2                   :27s            "...same time as well.")

            Kaplan says the program in Kodiak is one-of-a-kind compared to others around the state, and even nationwide.

            (Kaplan 3                   :24s            "...would not go that far.")

            Kaplan says national Adult Day Program week is meant to enlighten the public on the wealth of resources and services available to senior citizen with adult day programs.

            (Kaplan 4                   :20s            " do that.")

The Senior Citizens of Kodiak's mission is to provide support services to those people 60 and over in Kodiak, so that they might live longer with independence, honor and dignity. Kaplan says anyone interested in learning more about the program can do so by calling the Kodiak Senior Center.

I'm Mary Donaldson.