Feb 06 2013
Kaplan Looks to Reprint Novel, Expand Overseas Readership
Wednesday, 06 February 2013


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            Two years ago, KMXT spoke with local documentary filmmaker turned writer Dave Kaplan about the release of his first novel, The Burning Bush of Hoboken. The story follows a traditional Jewish family through a modern day version of exodus, testing each family member’s spirit, faith and humor. KMXT recently caught up with Kaplan and learned that his first stab at novel-writing has faired quite well on bookshelves, especially overseas.


--          (Kaplan Reprint  1                 :20                   “Yeah it is, I’m getting ...eBook, nook book, kindle.”)


            Kaplan said the book has sold well all over the world including India, Japan, Sweden and even Syria. He said the success has led him to a reprint of the novel, with some minor changes.  


--          (Kaplan Reprint  2                 :31                   “There’s not going to be major... you wouldn’t know.”)


            Before the reprint, Kaplan said he hopes to take a vacation overseas this year, and ultimately double the trip as a book tour in Europe.  


--          (Kaplan Reprint  3                 :28                   “We’ll start in Berlin and … hip hop city of Europe.”)


            From Germany he said the family will head to Spain and tour various cities throughout the country. Kaplan said it is a family vacation, and his daughter, Hannah Kaplan, has decided to be his publicist for majority of events he hopes to schedule.  


--          (Kaplan Reprint  4                 :21                   “Yeah, she will. She lives in … set up a book reading.”)


            He said the reprint will probably come after that trip, and may include a redesign of the cover art and layout. As far as a sequel, Kaplan said he isn’t quite ready to start writing a new book. He said writing has definitely become a new passion for him and he ultimately hopes to write many more books in the future.