Feb 01 2013
More Steps Taken in Landfill Expansion
Friday, 01 February 2013

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    The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly had a busy night last night. The governing body met for three meetings, including a special meeting to take actions on matters surrounding the landfill expansion project.

Borough Manager Bud Cassidy introduced the meeting by outlining the actions that the assembly needed to take.
--    (Landfill Expansion  1        :32        “You know I talked...budget for this project.”)

    He continued on to say many important decisions were made by the assembly and borough staff that led up to the need for an expansion of the landfill.  
--    (Landfill Expansion  2        :24        “We’re not shipping...result of those decisions.”)

    The first item put to a vote was the approval of the overall estimated budget associated with the landfill expansion project. The current estimated cost of the project is $28,820,288. Assemblyman Mel Stephens said he would vote against the budget and said he was unsure why the price tag had gone up since previous estimates.  
--    (Landfill Expansion  3        :24        “The numbers are...faith how I possibly could.”)

    Assemblywoman Lynch came to the defense of borough staff in making those additional funding allocations, saying the project has had to constantly adjust to meet newly implemented standards. Cassidy echoed Lynch’s comment and said meeting those standards has absolutely contributed to the new cost.
--    (Landfill Expansion  4        :31        “This really is a...we have to do out there.”)

    The assembly voted five to one in favor of the overall estimated budget for the lateral expansion project. Next up was reworking the phases of construction of the expansion. Cassidy explained exactly what was being pushed forward to phase II and why.
--    (KIB Work Session  5        :43        “There was a...the phase two improvements.”)

    There was minor confusion about where exactly the funds for this $800,000 portion of the project would come from. Some assembly members thought they would have to be transferred from phase III of the project, but it was discovered they would actually come from phase II. Assemblywoman Carol Austerman asked Cassidy for clarification on the matter, and how that was possible.
--    (KIB Work Session  6        :26        “So then what is the...more sense to me then.”)

    The assembly unanimously voted in favor of allowing the work from phase III to be done during phase II. There will be a regular assembly meeting next Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the borough assembly chambers.