Jan 31 2013
Kulluk Reported as Ship-Shape
Thursday, 31 January 2013

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    The Royal Dutch Shell drilling rig Kulluk remains stable in Kiliuda Bay and continues to undergo engineering analysis. In an email update sent yesterday, the Unified Command said tow equipment for the vessel has been secured and is currently in Kodiak.

    All openings on the Kulluk, including windows and hatches, are also secured and in some cases sealed shut with temporary steel structures to keep the vessel water and weather tight. The UC also said it is working in close collaboration with Old Harbor Native Corporation to develop plans for life boat debris clean up in the surrounding waters and shoreline.

    Navel architects have also confirmed that the damage sustained by the grounding of the Kulluk does not pose a threat to the stability or integrity of the vessel while it waits in Kiliuda Bay. The UC and Shell are now working to determine the best course of action to relocate the Kulluk for permanent repairs. 

    The Kulluk was under tow across the Gulf of Alaska ran hard aground on Sitkalidak Island, near Old Harbor, on New Year’s Eve.