Jan 25 2013
City Considers Land Lease For Maritime Exhibit
Friday, 25 January 2013


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            The Thelma C  fishing vessel exhibit is nearing fruition. The historic salmon seiner was recently renovated and plans to permanently install it near Oscar’s Dock on the spit are underway. Toby Sullivan is the Executive Director of the Kodiak Maritime Museum and spoke to the Kodiak City Council during a work session on Tuesday night. He said the design and plans for the exhibit are done and now the details of location and parking need to be worked out.


--          (Thelma C  1               :34                   “The question of parking for a ...mooring in the harbor.”)


            The boat will be placed by the water’s edge, slightly below the pavement on the spit. Sullivan said this will allow the deck of the vessel to be accessible from ground level, and a ramp will be built for viewers to see below the vessel and the actual size of it out of water. Sullivan said this placement design might require the exhibit to run into the water, which means the Army Corps of Engineers will most likely be involved.


--          (Thelma C  2               :23                   “We do have some questions about... and that’s shortly.”)


            City Manager Aimee Kniazowski said the city will have to know what the Army Corps of Engineers says before approving any lease for the exhibit.


--          (Thelma C  3               :32                   “It does look like it’s not in the … add cost to the project.”)


            Sullivan said the project received $298,000 through a legislative grant, which will cover the first part of the exhibit’s construction.


--          (Thelma C  4               :39                   “For that amount of money we’ve … it in, or trailer it out.”)


            Part of the condition for the legislative grant is a 20 year lease from the city for the property where the exhibit will be placed. Before any lease is approved it will have to be presented to the council in the form of an ordinance and passed twice along with undergoing a public hearing.