Jan 15 2013
Alaska Legislative Session Begins Today
Tuesday, 15 January 2013


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          Today marks the first day of the 2013 legislative session in Alaska. Each year senators and representatives from around the state flock to Juneau for the 90 day session. Kodiak sent two legislators to Juneau this year, Senator Gary Stevens and Representative Alan Austerman. KMXT caught up with both of them a few weeks ago and discussed what Alaskans can expect in the next three months. Representative Austerman said this year’s session should be an interesting one to follow.


--             (Legislative Start   1           :20                          We have a new senate leadership ... asking us to hold to.”)



                Austerman was recently named co-chair of the finance committee and said he’s eager to take on the new leadership position.    


--             (Legislative Start  2            :40                          Yes I am looking forward ...my goal is to get control of it.”)

            Senator Stevens said just because he and Austerman are in Juneau doesn’t mean they aren’t still available to talk and hear about constituent concerns.


--             (Legislative Start  3            :29                          I hope people stay involved ... from the oil which we own.”)

        The 2013 session will run through April 14.