Jan 14 2013
Kulluk to Remain Amidst Tanner Crab Fishery Opening
Monday, 14 January 2013

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        Divers started a detailed examination of the Shell drilling rig Kulluk's hull to assess if any damage was sustained in its going hard aground in a New Year Eve storm. The Kulluk sat on the beach at Sitkalidak Island for over a week before being towed to Kiliuda Bay. Remotely-operated underwater robots have also been used in the examination of the 266-foot rig's conical hull.
        While the Kulluk is anchored just outside the boundaries of the tanner crab fishery, scheduled to open tomorrow (Tuesday), several large ocean-going tugs are in the area as well. The Unified Command is working with the Kodiak Crab Alliance Cooperative to reduce any adverse interaction between the Kulluk fleet and the fishing fleet.
        The Unified Command has not yet announced a timeline for departing for Seattle, the rig's intended destination before going adrift in a Gulf of Alaska typhoon and ultimately washing ashore. No fuel leaks have been spotted and the rig reportedly remains stable at anchor.