Jan 03 2013
KICVB Now 'Discover Kodiak'
Thursday, 03 January 2013

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            The Kodiak Island Convention and Visitor’s Bureau will see some changes in the coming weeks, starting with its name. Janet Buckingham is the director of the KICVB, which is now being called Discover Kodiak.

            Buckingham said the name change to Discover Kodiak will also help clear up some confusion between the former convention and visitor’s bureau and the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center. 

            Buckingham said the name change has been approved by the board of directors, but the official unveiling of Discover Kodiak won’t be until their annual meeting on February 9. She said there will also be a preview of the new website at that meeting. The new name will match the organizations annual visitor guide, which will began 2013 distributions on Tuesday. It  is free and available at the visitor’s bureau.  In addition to the guide, Buckingham said there will be mini brochures available as well, ideal to send in the mail at a lower cost.