Dec 21 2012
Bear Cub Likely Abandoned by Mother
Friday, 21 December 2012

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            Officials were forced to euthanize an abandoned Kodiak brown bear cub Wednesday, after determining it was too malnourished to survive much longer on its own. A photograph of the bear wandering through the Coast Guard base was widely circulated on Facebook this week.
            Kodiak Fish and Game biologist Larry Van Daele said he’s been keeping tabs on the cub for the last couple of weeks as it frequented the Bells Flats neighborhood and the fairgrounds.

            Though the cub – thought to be around 10 months old – looked like a well-fed young bear, it was found to be emaciated under its fluffy coat of fur.
             Van Daele said the cub likely wouldn’t have lasted much longer on its own – or even survived transfer to the wildlife park near Anchorage.
             Van Daele said this cub was likely one that was regularly spotted over the summer at Sargent Creek and the Russian River.
             Van Daele said he appreciated the public keeping him, the troopers and the Coast Guard informed of the cub’s whereabouts and situation, and reminds folks that not all young bears seen by themselves are abandoned. Most will likely have a momma bear snoozing nearby who would not take kindly to anyone approaching her cub.