Dec 17 2012
Residual Water Treatment Funds Pumphouse Upgrades
Monday, 17 December 2012

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            The Kodiak City Council was resourceful with funds last week when it unanimously approved utilizing leftover money from the ultraviolet water treatment plant to design the pump house upgrades in Monashka Bay. City Manager Aimée Kniaziowski detailed exactly where the funds would come from during Thursday’s regular meeting.
            Kniaziowski said starting the design process for the pump house will give Kodiak a head start in asking for funding from the state for construction.
            The pump house has been an area of concern for quite some time due to is deteriorating condition and critical role it plays in the community. Councilman John Whiddon echoed Kniasiowski’s hopes that having the design completed will give Kodiak a good chance at acquiring additional funds.     
            While the pump house discussion revolved around improving existing infrastructure, the council also discussed tearing down a different building in Kodiak. During Thursday’s meeting the council approved the appropriation of additional funds for the demolition of the old Kodiak Police Department building. Kniaziowski said preliminary engineering work needed to be done before demolition because the building shares a wall and some utilities with the existing fire house. She said the full amount of the demolition was not known until now.
            The exact date and schedule of the work was not provided during the meeting.