Dec 10 2012
Change in Plastic Recycling Coming to Threshold
Monday, 10 December 2012

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          As we mentioned last week, Kodiak’s recycling center, Threshold Services, has plans for expansion. A large drive-through structure will be put up at the back of the building on Von Sheele Way. And though it’s a little behind schedule, Threshold Executive Director Ken Reinke says it is coming along, and should be open in the spring.
          Once it is up and operational, Threshold staff will be able to help with on-the-spot sorting of recyclables – something Reinke say will be necessary in order to expand the variety of materials that can be accepted.
           Currently, Threshold only accepts high-grade plastic like water bottles and milk jugs. The other types are currently more expensive to ship to the Lower 48 than they are worth. However, with on-the-spot sorting, all grades of plastic can be accepted.

            However, Reinke says making that change will likely force Threshold to stop accepting plastic at the various public collection sites around town. That's because to be economically feasible, the plastic cannot be intermixed.