Dec 05 2012
Kodiak Lately Running on 100 Percent Green Energy
Wednesday, 05 December 2012

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            When Kodiak electrical customers talk about “Green” this holiday season they are not necessarily talking about trees for the living room or the color of frosting on sugar cookies.  
    KMXT’s Maggie Wall explains

--((KEA Green   3:39    “With Just a few weeks….KEA’s Darron Scott.”))

    With just a few weeks left in 2012, Kodiak can boast a year-long average of 95 percent of its energy needs coming from green sources.
    But Darron Scott, President and CEO of Kodiak Electric Association, says that while the diesel-guzzling generators down by the channel are quite right now, they are far from being a relic of the past:
--(KEA Green 1  :39  “We’ve run them off and on….at Terror Lake.”))
    Several years ago Kodiak Electric set the ambitious goal of being 95 percent renewable by the year 2020. And while the utility appears to have hit the goal for this year, there is still much to do to maintain that level of green energy use over the long-haul:
--((KEA Green 2  : 42  “The vision we have …going on at the same time.”))
    The “third turbine” Scott refers to will be installed at the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project.  A third turbine has long been on the drawing board and was actually planned for during the original design and construction of the project back in the ‘80s.
    Green, renewable energy is nothing new to Kodiak as Terror Lake has been providing the bulk of the area’s power supply for decades. But the installation of the first three wind turbines atop Pillar Mountain in the summer of 2009 makes it hard to miss Kodiak’s commitment to green energy.
    This past summer the original three wind towers were joined by another group of three. Scott says the three new wind turbines plus a new battery back-up system made the green portion of the entire system reliable enough to provide 100 percent of the load much of the time.
    All these green energy efforts has paid off—literally—by leaving more green in the pockets of KEA consumers.
    KEA’s Darron Scott.

    I'm Maggie Wall.






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