Nov 05 2012
Koniag's Shakmanof Quarry in Development
Monday, 05 November 2012

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             Development is underway at the site of Koniag Native Corporation’s new hard-rock quarry on Kodiak Island. Company CEO Will Anderson said the quarry, located on Shakmanof Cove northwest of Kodiak City, is anticipated to open in the spring.
             Anderson says the granite quarry will be especially suitable for extraction of large “armor” rock, often used in breakwaters around boat harbors and other waterfront projects.
             Anderson said Koniag will announce today that it has just completed the acquisition of Anderson Construction, the company that’s done much of the work for them at the site.
             The other big news from Koniag is the board of directors has chosen a new chairman of the regional Native Corporation. Ron Unger, who’s been a board member since 2004, takes over from Chris Johnson, who has been chairman for the past nine years. Johnson will become the corporation’s vice-chair.

             Despite living in far away North Carolina, Anderson said Unger has not missed a Koniag board meeting in eight years, and that telephone and video links will allow more regular communication between his office in Kodiak, and Unger’s in Durham.