Sep 17 2008
New Community Health Center Will Offer Faster Service
Wednesday, 17 September 2008

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         The construction taking place at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center has been underway all summer. Mary Donaldson has an update on the improvements being made and when the work might be done.


           Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center began a new construction project in May, which will bring a new addition to the hospital. Stan Thompson is the director of facilities for the hospital and says that the construction work will accomplish two goals.

            (Thompson 1               :25s     “…health care planning.”)

            Brenda Friend is the executive director for the Kodiak Community Health Center says the new facility will provide the center with a newer, more functional space.

            (Friend 2                     :50s     “…to the other.”)

            She also says the need for a newer facility is essential.

            (Friend 3                     :31s     “…another physician.”)

Friend says they provide a wide variety of services.

            (Friend 1                     :33s     “…treatment referrals.”)

The Kodiak Community Health Center is open 7 days a week for patient care.

            She says the health center received funding for the project through two primary grants, the Rasmussen Foundation, the Denali Commission, and other contributions from various donors.

            Thompson says the 6,500 square foot project is currently on schedule.

            (Thompson 2               :40s     “…the construction project.”)

            The hospital is also upgrading the lower parking lot. Thompson says that will be completed next month after pavement is put down.

The new Community Health Center addition to the hospital is set to be done in May, but Friend says they hope to move into their new space in a few months. She says the total cost for the project will be unknown until all the work is completed, but she notes that escalating construction costs have already increased the project dollar amount by what she estimates to be about double.

            I’m Mary Donaldson.