Oct 26 2012
Antiquated Pump House Replacement Tops Kodiak Funding Request
Friday, 26 October 2012

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            The Kodiak City Council finalized its Capital Improvement Projects list at last night’s meeting. Not much had been changed since Tuesday’s work session when it was discussed at length. A new pump house at the Monashka reservoir is listed as the city’s top priority. City Councilman John Whiddon said the 40-year old building and 70-year-old equipment is called upon to reliably provide water for residential and seafood processing use all day every day.

            Councilman Terry Haines agreed, saying the pumping equipment and other items on the list reflect the city’s goal to focus only on essential infrastructure.

            Councilman Charlie Davidson said he hoped funding for a bike path from town to Deadman’s Curve could find its way onto the list, perhaps after the statewide transportation bond is voted on during the General Election.
            The city’s total request for four items, the new pump house, 911 system replacement, Shelikof Street parking and a new fire engine, total $7.9-million.
            The resolution passed unanimously, and will be sent to the state capital for its consideration during the upcoming legislative session.