Oct 22 2012
Assembly Does Not Pass Contract Reconsideration
Monday, 22 October 2012

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            A motion to reconsider a contract and payment suspension between the Kodiak Island Borough and Kodiak Construction Services, a company owned and operated by Assemblywoman Chris Lynch, failed Thursday night despite having a three to one vote in favor of the reconsideration.
    The contract between Lynch’s company and the borough raised questions among some assembly members during the last regular meeting about conflict of interest, but the suspension of the contract and all further payments was ultimately voted down. Following that meeting Lynch terminated her company’s contract with the borough, but Assemblyman Jerrol Friend had already requested the motion be reconsidered during Thursday’s regular meeting.

           Assemblyman Mel Stephens voted in favor of the reconsideration and said terminating the contract isn’t enough because payments are still being made for work that was done.
           Assemblyman Tuck Bonney was the only assembly member that voted against the reconsideration. He said he stands by his original decision to not suspend the contract or payments because the work was already done and therefore needs to be paid.   
          Assemblyman Dave Kaplan and Assemblywoman Carol Austerman were both absent Thursday night, and after Assemblywoman Chris Lynch excused herself from the vote only four assembly members were left, the amount required for any motion to pass. Since only three of the four voted in favor of the reconsideration the motion failed.