Oct 15 2012
Scientists Seek to Fill Gaps in Chinook Knowledge
Monday, 15 October 2012

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            Next Monday the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will be hosting a scientific symposium on king salmon in Alaska – the lack of which has caused a lot of consternation in several areas of the state due to declining numbers.
            Understanding Abundance and Productivity Trends of Chinook Salmon in Alaska will be held at the Egan Convention Center in downtown Anchorage on October 22nd and 23rd.
            The symposium will feature scientific presentations and panel discussions from a wide variety of experts from private, state, federal, and academic backgrounds. The goal is to identify and discuss key knowledge gaps and assemble a list of potential research priorities to fill them.
            A draft analysis of knowledge gaps has been compiled by Fish and Game scientists and is available now, so the presenters, panelists, and the public will have the chance to review and provide constructive input on the research recommendations.

           Here's a link to the Chinook Gap Analysis.