Oct 10 2012
Begich Says Chinook Disaster Funds Yet to be Found
Wednesday, 10 October 2012

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            Senator Mark Begich was on APRN’s Talk of Alaska with Lori Townsend Tuesday, taking phone calls from across the state and discussing a wide variety of topics. Alaska’s junior senator addressed the chinook salmon disaster declared in Western Alaska and Cook Inlet, saying a state declaration helps get the ball rolling in Washington D.C.

-- (Begich Fish 1    31 sec        “As you know we’ve gone through … hanging out by ourselves.”)

    He said when he and his colleagues return in November, they will start seeking the money to fund the disaster declarations:

-- (Begich Fish 2    34 sec        “We’ve already started to talk to … that have similar situations.”)

    One caller, identified as Herman from Aniak, suggested the source of the disasters should be investigated as well.

-- (Begich Fish 3    51 sec        “They should really look into … organizations from the federal end.”)

    Suggesting high-seas illegal fishermen are contributing to the Alaska salmon shortage, Begich said he and Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye have support for legislation pending to crack down on the high-seas intercepts.