Sep 15 2008
Kodiak College Continues To Grow
Monday, 15 September 2008

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            Kodiak College just began its new school year, which also happens to be its 40th anniversary year. Mary Donaldson had the chance to speak with Director of the Kodiak College and has this report.

         Kodiak College Director Barbara Bolson says the institution has had tremendous growth since it was first proposed more than 40 years ago.

            (Bolson 5                    :20s     “…come a long way.”)

Some classes officially started on September 8th. She says the college has a plenty to look forward to this year, and that enrollment continues to rise.

            (Bolson 1                    :30s     “…student to campus.”)

            Bolson says every year the college phases out classes that are no longer necessary, as well as creating new class offerings.

            (Bolson 2                    :35s     “…for young children.”)

            She also says the college was also able to line up a local author to teach a class, which was challenging since the author has a pretty busy schedule teaching in the Lower-48.

            (Bolson 3                    :20s     “…taught for the college before.”)

            Bolson says they also worked with the Kodiak Island Borough School District in securing a new, high-tech welding simulator.

            (Boslon 4                    :40s     “…and so forth.”)

            She says the going rate for the simulator is typically around 65-thousand dollars, and that the College was able to secure it for only 45-thousand dollars.

            Bolson says it’s still not too late for anyone to sign up for classes at the college, and that there are many late-starting courses that are being offered. She says the college will be planning several events as the year goes on to help celebrate its 40th year anniversary.

            I’m Mary Donaldson.




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