Sep 21 2012
Borough Assembly Finalizes Project Priorities
Friday, 21 September 2012

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Brianna Gibbs/KMXT           

            The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly finalized and approved their capitol wish list last night during their regular assembly meeting. Acting Borough Manager Bud Cassidy gave a brief explanation of what the wish list is before the resolution to adopt the list was put to discussion.

--             (Borough Capitol List 1     :26                          “This is our annual list of projects that we send to the legislature that identifies our capitol needs. This process really starts at the nomination level; projects are nominated by individuals, sometimes neighborhoods, works its way through the various boards and commissions. The planning and zoning commission is responsible for generating a resolution recommending projects to include in your CIP list, obviously it leads to a final adoption of this resolution.”)



            During discussion, Assemblyman Mel Stephens said he would not be voting for the resolution because he didn’t agree with all the projects that made the list.      


--             (Borough Capitol List 2     : 44                         “Three of the projects which are on the priority list are such that I feel they should not be included at all or if included should be given substantially lower priority than has been the case.  Those three projects are the long term care facility listed at number three for a request of $7.5 million out of a $15 million project. The Anton Larsen Bay Road extension listed as priority number four at $12 million for a $12 million project. And the bike path extension, phase 1B from Dead Man’s Curve to the Coast Guard Base, listed at $11.7 million out of an $11.7 million project.”)


            Assemblywoman Louise Stutes shared similar reservations toward the long term care facility making the capitol priority list.  


--             (Borough Capitol List 3     : 28                         “I also will vote against this because of the long term care facility being on this. As I’ve stated several times over the past five years, as Mr. Stephens stated I do not believe that this borough should be in the medical business. That does not mean that I am not a firm believer in Providence Hospital being here. That does not mean that I am not in favor of a long term care facility. What it means is I am not in favor of the borough owning it. So I will vote against this, thank you.”)



            In the end, the resolution was put to a vote and passed.  


--             (Borough Capitol List 4     :16                          “………………..Borough roll call vote…………..………..…..”)


            The borough’s capitol improvement project priority list will be submitted during the 2013 legislative session for consideration for state funding.