Aug 14 2012
Congressman for All Alaska Visits Kodiak
Tuesday, 14 August 2012

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Congressman Don Young on a visit to Kodiak Monday. Brianna Gibbs/KMXT photo


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            Despite the cloud cover and other flight delays, Representative Don Young was able to make an appearance in Kodiak yesterday (Monday). Young arrived at midday and met with the representatives of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce over lunch to discuss Kodiak's needs and how Congress could help. The array of topics covered was vast, but as the representative of an oil and gas state, Young returned frequently to that topic.



--          (Don Young 1  : 50                  "Beaufort Sea looks good...what there, there's oil there, there's gas there.")


            Keeping on the topic of oil, Young didn't think the state has a real good chance of getting revenue sharing for oil development in the arctic - something that Gulf Coast states currently enjoy.


--          (Don Young 2  : 35                  "I think we will have a chance.... Gulf States do, I think it is fair.")


            Beyond oil, but still on resource development, Young touched on the controversial Pebble Mine issue, saying he wasn't for or against the project, but rather wants Alaskans to look at what he calls the bigger issue.


--          (Don Young 3  1:03                 "I know this is a subject people don't want me ....affect water shed.")


            As the lunch hour came to a close, Young encouraged Kodiak, and all Alaskans, to continue building a state that future generations will be proud to work and live in.


--          (Don Young 4  :38                   "Do me a favor as Kodiak ...that are educated they are going to go outside.")


            After meeting with city and borough officials all day he held an campaign fundraiser at the Kodiak Inn early in the evening. Young is running for a 21st term in the House of Representatives.