Aug 09 2012
Another Alaska Reality Show Seeks 'Real Alaskans'
Thursday, 09 August 2012

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            For Kodiak residents ready to make their television debut, the National Geographic channel is holding auditions for a show that will shadow "true" Alaskans surviving the wilderness of the last frontier. Kristi Russell is the president of Metal Flowers Media, the casting company charged with finding these worthy Alaskans. She said the show is unnamed, but is tentatively called Expedition Alaska.  

           "We are looking for men and women in Alaska who are the real deal, outdoorsmen who kind of embody everything that Alaska is. It's wild, it's unfettered and it represents real challenges that people in the Lower 48 probably don't even realize. So we are looking for men and women who embody the spirit of Alaska and who really have what it takes. Not in an overly produced man vs. wild kind of way, but in a nitty gritty, hands on, Alaska expedition kind of way."


            The casting call has been open for four weeks and ends on Friday. Russell said they have received more than 40 applicants, ranging from bush pilots to big game hunters. She said several people from Kodiak have answered the call, but there is always room for more.

            For those among the community that think this is their big break, Russell offers up a little peek at what they could expect during the filming process.


--          (Expedition Alaska 2 : 32                  "If someone ends up being on the show they will be put to a real life test of what it takes to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. Just like amazing race takes individuals and pits them against other teams on challenges across the world, the Alaska expedition project will take individuals and pit them against themselves to see if they have what it takes to trek across Alaska in a very real life simulated Alaska expedition.")


It's no secret that Kodiak boasts its fair share of "real" Alaskans, but Russell said people looking for a pampered Hollywood experience needn't apply.


--          (Expedition Alaska 3 : 28                  "This is not a production where there will be a food table set off to the side of the set. This is a real life hands on fully interactive program where our class will be expected to fully participate in the experience. We will partially relying on them to kind of guide us as to what it takes to survive in the Alaskan wilderness with only the bare essentials.")


            Russell said those who have already auditioned will be notified of their status in about two weeks. Filming will take place in late August and run seven to eight weeks. Despite the hints to "Alaskan wilderness," Russell said she couldn't divulge exactly where the participants will be filmed.


--          (Expedition Alaska 4 : 15                  "I do know and I wish I could tell you because it's never been done before and it's really off the charts exciting television programming, just in the typical style of what you would expect from national geographic. But unfortunately I cannot talk about it.")


      Russell said the show, which will feature 12 Alaskans, will premier sometime in 2013. The casting call is open through Friday. If interested, visit Metal Flower Media to submit your information.  ###