Aug 08 2012
Warm August Night Revelers Benefit Food Bank
Wednesday, 08 August 2012


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            More than 200 community members flooded onto the fairgrounds Saturday and danced the night away during the 7th annual Warm August Nights. The event, which typically takes place on the first weekend of August, is hosted by the Kodiak Lions Club. Doc Myers is a past international director for Lions Club and current member.

           "We did have five bands this year and it was a food bank fundraiser. We always said at least two cans per person to get in, or a donation. And we, I think, have over 20 cases of food, pretty large boxes that are hard to pick up. And we got quite a bit of money for donations so we can purchase more food. We try to center all that profit to put a little food on the table."

            Myers said the bands played for free, and he was impressed by each of their performances. In general, he deemed the event a success, despite being a little damper that the warm august night's title suggests.


--          (August Nights 2        : 14                  "We had so many XtraTufs on this year it was just amazing. Because it was a little rainy in the morning and it dried up a little with the bonfire in the afternoon. There was a suggestion to call it XtraTuf Warm August Night.")


Lions club members barbequed well into the evening, and Myers said the bonfire was still glowing after the last shuttle service left around 1 a.m.


--          (August Nights 3        : 19                  "CHARR brought all of our, you know, people from downtown that didn't really want to drive and brought them home. The last bus left after one in the morning and it was full. There were a few cars that slept there for the night and owners went home on the bus.")


            He said he was glad the evening was such a success, because the Lions Club has been struggling to keep other community events afloat.

            This year was the first time in 15 years the soap box derby ceased to exist, the result of diminishing volunteers and resources.


--          (August Nights 4        : 21                  "We need young blood. We need members that like these projects we do and want to see them around. We used to do an oyster feed that took 30 or 40 people to put on. We called it that, but it was a seafood feed. And it became history because of the work that went into and the generations of interest have changed.")


      He said other humanitarian groups like Kiwanis Club of Kodiak are facing similar struggles, prompting the Lions Club to team up with them for events like the seasonal Christmas tree program.

      As for Warm August Night, or perhaps, Warm XtraTuf Night, Myers said he doesn't see it getting put on the chopping block anytime soon. While residents can look forward to another evening of dancing and music come August 2013, he encouraged community members to get involved behind the scenes of the events they love. If not, he's not sure how much longer they may be around.