Aug 08 2012
Salmon Harvest Sweeps Through 10-Million
Wednesday, 08 August 2012

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            The Kodiak commercial salmon harvest blew past the 10-million mark on Monday, when nearly 700,000 salmon were caught by the fleet, bringing the total to 10.5-million.

            All but 16,000 of yesterday's catch were pink salmon, bringing the humpy total for the season to just shy of 8-million.

            With 6,500 sockeye harvested, the red total is 1.8-million. The 7,500 chum catch yesterday brings their total to 659,000. Just 2,400 silvers were harvested for a season count of 38,000, and 76 rather late king salmon brought the chinook tally to 12,791.

            The Karluk, Northwest Kodiak and Southwest Afognak district accounts for more than half the Kodiak Management Area salmon haul, with a five-species catch of 6188,594 salmon.

            The catch in the Duck, Izhut and Kitoi bays is 918,012.

            Cape Alitak and the Humpy-Deadman section has had a catch of 890,566.

            Ayakulik, Halibut Bay and Sturgeon has seen a haul of 788,658.

            The Northwest Afognak, Shuyak and Perenosa districts have had an all-species catch of 518,715.

            The East and Northeast Kodiak District has accounted for 387,276 of the harvest so far.