Aug 07 2012
Kodiak Salmon Catch Nearing 10-Million
Tuesday, 07 August 2012

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            The Kodiak commercial salmon harvest is heading north of 10-million. After Sunday's catch of 600,000 - 584,000 of them pinks - the all-season figure was at 9,814,454 fish, with humpies accounting for 7.3-million of them.

            Saturday saw more than a half-million pinks delivered, and over 713,000 were caught on Friday.

            Sockeye are still arriving in surges. Sunday it was 68-hundred, Saturday 14,400, and Friday, 23,300. The total sockeye harvest was just over 1.8-million through Sunday.

            The Karluk, Northwest Kodiak and Southwest Afognak district accounts for the lions share of the commercial catch, with nearly 5-million of the pink harvest and about 600,000 of the red harvest.

            Total coho catch is nearly 36,000, though a big slug of hatchery silvers are expected on the north end of Kodiak in the next few weeks.

            Nearly 7,500 chum were netted on Sunday, bringing the season total to over 650,000. The king harvest, as you might expect, is tapering off, with catches around 200 for the last few days.

            We should have an update with Monday's catch numbers by noon.