Aug 01 2012
Update: Baranof Park Fire Ruled Arson
Wednesday, 01 August 2012


An unidentified city official documents the fire damage at Baranof Park this (Wednesday) morning. Brianna Gibbs photos


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            Substantial damage was caused by an intentionally set fire at Baranof Park early this morning. The building that houses the ice rink was set on fire, damaging a sizeable portion of the south wall. Dasher boards, a penalty box and the corrugated plastic façade were charred and melted. It even appeared the steel girders had sagged in the heat of the blaze.

            Police Chief T.C. Kamai said 911 received a call around 3:52 a.m., notifying them of the fire. He said it’s very likely that the blaze could have engulfed the entire building had the call not been made. The police department has confirmed the fire was an act of arson, but at this point have no suspects.

            Kamai said it appears some sort of accelerant was used, but he cannot be sure until the investigation is complete. He said the timeline for the investigation is unknown, but the police will continue looking for suspects and ask anyone with information to contact the police department or confidential crime stoppers line. The police chief said the Kodiak Fire Department has taken over the forensic investigation to determine the cause.

            We will update our website as information becomes available, and bring you a full story during our evening news broadcast.