Jul 24 2012
Kodiak Cutter Alex Haley Tows Disabled Sailboat
Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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The crew of the Coast Guard Alex Haley tows the disabled sailboat Nkhovazi south of Unalaska Island, Alaska, July 23, 2012. The two crewmembers, both British nationals, were brought aboard the cutter while their vessel was towed to Dutch Harbor for repairs.U.S. Coast Guard photo by the Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley



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            Two sailors headed from Honolulu to Unalaska were rescued just 20 miles south of their destination late last Sunday night by the Kodiak-based cutter Alex Haley. Petty Officer David Moseley says the British nationals first made contact with the Coast Guard on Friday, when the rudder on their sailboat broke.

            "They weren't expecting and they weren't requesting Coast Guard assistance, but they let us know there was an issue so we could keep tabs of what was going on."

            Moseley said the duo finally realized they weren't going to make into port on their own.

            "They had about three days worth of food left and were actually being pushed away from land, so they put out a radio call for help and the Coast Guard cutter Alex Haley, who was on patrol near Dutch Harbor, heard that call and was able to respond - go out to pick up the two guys off the vessel and then tow the vessel back to Dutch Harbor."

            The boats were expected to arrive sometime last night. Moseley says there are no reported injuries or damage to the vessel other than the rudder.