Jul 19 2012
Chamber Paying Cash for Trash
Thursday, 19 July 2012

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            Kodiak Chamber of Commerce wants to remind local non-profit groups about a money making opportunity through their bounty bag program. Interested parties can sign up to collect trash, and in return for their efforts be paid $4 for every full bag returned.

            Trevor Brown, executive director of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, said the program is still operating this summer, even though participants might have a hard time finding trash to clean.

         "I mean we have our youth litter patrol working right now so they're hitting different areas. And that's the group that is sponsored by the city and the borough and ALPAR give us money to run that program in the summer." 

            He said the litter patrol has been pretty good about cleaning up different areas around Kodiak, but if someone has noticed excess trash somewhere, he asks that they report it to the chamber. The litter patrol will wrap up its work the first week of August, which means there will be more opportunity for non-profits to bring in some money through the bounty bag program. Brown said the program is funded through the Kodiak Lions Club and has been in operation for numerous years.

            Those interested in participating can call the chamber at 486-5557.