Sep 09 2008
School District Seeking Student Leaders
Tuesday, 09 September 2008

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     &nbsThe Kodiak Island Borough School District is looking for a few good boys and girls. In an effort to increase student leadership, the district will be starting a School Board Leadership Pilot Program.

Superintendent Stewart McDonald explained to the board of education at last night’s (Monday night’s) work session that the idea is to offer more opportunities for students to participate in and learn about school governance first hand. It’s also an attempt to attract more students to the position of student representative on the school board.

(Student Leadership 1                      :31s                 “…to try this opportunity out.”)

What the students would do is act as pages at the school board’s regular meetings every month. School board Administrative Assistant Bonnie Baker, who would run the program, explained how it would work.

(Student Leadership 2                      :38s                 “…shadow the older student.”)

Besides giving the students first hand experience with local government, Baker said the program would have one additional benefit.

(Student Leadership 3                      :06s                 “…assistance to me [laughter]”)

Current student representative to the school board, Candace Jensen, was absent and couldn’t provide her input. But other board members thought it sounded like a good idea. Board member Peggy Rauwolf:

            (Student Leadership 4                      :11s                 “…and we’d have more interest.”)

            The first meeting with the new student pages is expected to be the September 29th regular meeting.