Jul 17 2012
Building Boom Bodes Well for Old Harbor Growth
Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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            Yesterday KMXT told you about the new runway in Old Harbor, but Fred Brooks, the administrator for the Old Harbor Tribal Council said that project is just one of many on the horizon for the village.



--          (OH Grows 1  : 32                  "Oh yes we are experiencing a very large boom I mean we have the ferry that's coming in now and we're going to have additional scheduling during this winter and next summer as well. So it's a really tremendous economic boost for our village. The expansion of our runway, the fish processing plant, the new hydroelectric generating plant that's going to be built as well and the cell towers through out microwave, through our corporations promoting that so we'll have the ability of faster cell service and internet here.")


            He said the new services and economic opportunities like the fish processing plant, which is still in the discussion phase, are likely to bring more residents to the village. As for the 216 people that currently live there, Brooks said, for the most part, they are on board with the projects.


--          (OH Grows 2  : 25                  "Well I think anytime you bring change into a smaller area you get some anxiety, however the people here in Old Harbor are behind the project.   They know it's good for the economic stability, they know it's going to improve our fishing fleet, which is a major emphasis here. You know we have the largest fishing fleet in the villages. It will strengthen that and the local economy as well. I think with an understanding that the village will grow, but still keep its traditional values, which are very close to the hearts of the people here. And I think we can accommodate both worlds if we plan this appropriately.")


            Brooks said the timelines for some of the projects are still unclear, but estimates most of them to be completed with in the next few years.