Jul 16 2012
Season 'Average' as Management Turns to Humpies
Monday, 16 July 2012

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            Fish and Game officials switched their management scheme from sockeye to pink salmon around Kodiak Island late last week. The red harvest is currently at 1.2-million, with a catch of 105,584 on Saturday, while the pink salmon catch numbers are starting to increase. Saturday over 76,000 were caught for a total harvest of 282,000. The all-species total harvest is 1.88-million, about 300,000 less than the same time last season.


            Geoff Spalinger is the assistant Kodiak fisheries manager:


-- (Salmon 1                17 sec              "Last year, Cape Igvak ... catches are about average.")


            Even though the catch has been about average, that's still better than it has been for several years on the West Side of Kodiak Island:


-- (Salmon 2                22 sec              "That's mainly because Karluk ... but they were fishing.")


            At just 4,000, the district's Coho harvest is about one-fourth the catch at this time last year, but Spalinger says the peak of the run is still some time off:


-- (Salmon 3                21 sec              "I'm not too sure. It's probably ... attention to come August.")


            Chum are running about the same as this time last year, with a catch just under 400,000, while at 6,351, the king salmon catch is ahead of last year.