Sep 08 2008
Lundquist Now Leads By 18 In District 36 Primary
Monday, 08 September 2008

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          The closest race in the Alaska Primary Election got a little less close on Friday when the State Division of Elections announced the latest unofficial results after counting absentee and questioned ballots. Andy Lundquist increased his lead over fellow Democrat Dave Kaplan in the House District 36 primary by 11 votes. The tally now stands with Lundquist at 597, and Kaplan at 579.


            Kaplan added 71 to his total after the absentee ballots were counted, while Lundquist picked up 69. Questioned ballots swung 24-to-11 in Lundquist's favor, though.

            The election will not be certified until September 17, and there could be an indeterminate number of other ballots outstanding. Because of that, Kaplan said he is not ready to throw in the towel:


--            (District 36-1             13 sec              "... until every last vote is counted.")


            The other outstanding votes are absentee ballots cast overseas. The Division of Elections will be accepting those until Wednesday, when they'll be counted.

            Lundquist was reached in Washington State where he is assisting his ailing mother.


--            (District 36-2             13 sec              "... look forward to the next phase of this thing.")


            District 36 Democratic Party Chairman Dick Ross, who was Kaplan's campaign manager, said Lundquist will have the party behind him if he prevails.


--            (District 36-3             27 sec              "... whichever one it turns out to be.")


            Lundquist, who used to be a Republican, said he would be happy to have the support of the party if he sustains his lead so they can work towards their common goal.


--            (District 36-4             25 sec              "... the guy that will fight for their best interest.")


            The trailing candidate, or 10 qualified voters, could request a recount. If the difference between the candidates is more than one-half percent, they would have to put down a $2,000 deposit, which could be refunded if the recount changes the outcome of the race. Lundquist currently leads by 1-point-54 percent.

            The winner will face Republican Alan Austerman in the November 4th General Election