Jul 10 2012
ASMI's Riutta Fixin' to Retire
Tuesday, 10 July 2012

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ray-riutta-hed.jpgJay Barrett/KMXT

            The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is looking for a new executive director. Ray Riutta, who's been at the organization for 10 years, will be stepping down at the end of the year.



-- (ASMI 1                  12 sec              "Yeah, I'm going to retire ... this time, and actually retire.")


            Riutta spent 38-years in the U.S. Coast Guard before taking the ASMI job, which he's held for 10 years.. He will retire to Redmond, Washington, which he says is conveniently close to family:


-- (ASMI 2                  21 sec              "Grand kids are front and center ... go places I can drive to.")


            Before he leaves though, he says he's assisting in the vetting of applicants for the ASMI board of directors to look at:


-- (ASMI 3                  17 sec              "I'm pulling together all the ... the board that decides that.")


            ASMI's communications director, Tyson Fick, says Riutta's boots will tough to fill:


-- (ASMI 4                  9 sec                "Golly, he's sure going to be ... the state of Alaska as a whole.")


            Riutta says ASMI hopes to make a selection in August, and have the new executive director on the job in September to train with him during a two- or three-month transition period.