Nov 30 -1
Former Kodiak Bear Finds New Home in Sweden

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Fish and Game biologist Larry Van Daele with former Kodiak resident Taquka, who now lives in Gronklitt, Sweden. Photo by Anders Bjorklund 


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            A young Kodiak brown bear that was orphaned here a year and a half ago has a new home in Sweden. Bear expert Larry Van Daele, the former Fish and Game wildlife biologist for Kodiak, says Taquka (to-COKE-ah) took up residence in a five acre enclosure at the Orsa Bear Park, that has been landscaped to resemble Kodiak Island. He says Taquka hasn't exactly been exiled.



-- (Van Daele 1           47 sec              "Well, I tell you what, if ... he's really got it made.")


            Despite the two Swedish girlfriends, it's not as if Tuquka (to-COKE-ah) was put out to stud:


-- (Van Daele 2           47 sec              "We neutered him before we ... how to live with wildlife.")


van-daele-and-park.jpgFrom left, Larry Van Daele, ADF&G; Matt Van Daele, environmental scientist for Koniag; Kodiak artist Mary Ruskovich; CEO Anders Bjorklund of Gronklitt Carnivore Center. Photo courtesy Anders Bjorklund


            Earlier in the story we mentioned that Van Daele is the former area biologist for Kodiak - that's because he has a new job: Regional Supervisor for the Division of Wildlife Conservation - a job that covers Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound, and Kodiak Island. He said he accepted the promotion on one condition:


-- (Van Daele 3           11 sec              "Yeah, it was originally in Anchorage ... no doubt about that.")


            He said the reasons for that stipulation were two-fold: one, his son took a local job with Koniag, and two, because of his dedication to bears and bear biology here on the island:


-- (Van Daele 4           18 sec              "We'll hire a new person to ... involved with Kodiak and the bears.")


            Van Daele will also be getting a new, roomier office. In fact, every Fish and Game employee in Kodiak will be getting new digs - just as soon as their new building on Near Island is completed.